Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do not be afraid

It would be nearly impossible to say what Jesus' most important message was.  It would certainly be a matter of personal opinion and/or a factor of what was happening in any one individual life at the moment.

But certainly one of the messages he repeated the greatest number of times was "Do not be afraid".

At some point between sunset and sunrise on this night 2000-odd years ago, something miraculous happened: the Resurrection.

What the Resurrection means to any one person is also highly variable.  If we take the miracle of the Resurrection at "face value", it would certainly be a cause for wonder and joy at God's power.

But perhaps the best way to approach the Resurrection is to remember that this was God's ultimate reminder to NOT be afraid.  It was proof positive that God can reach into the greatest depths of our own personal darkness and despair.

My sermon this evening was based on Matthew 28: 1-10.

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