Friday, March 29, 2013


What could possibly be good about Good Friday?

It is a day on which we remember a man who was betrayed, deserted by his closest friends, given over to a travesty of justice, beaten, mocked, scorned, flogged and submitted to one of the most brutal forms of execution ever devised by humanity.

The disciples had to deal with the fact that they had betrayed and deserted their friend, teacher and master.  They also had to contend with the dashing of all their messianic hopes.

This day was anything but good for them.

But we call it good because we know the end of the story.

Jesus' message was not morally objectionable.  Who could deny the morality of loving your enemies, loving your neighbour, loving God?

Then why was Jesus killed?

Because the kingdom he preached was built on peace, love justice and equality.  Imagine how that message would have challenged the power structures at the time.  Structures based on power, privilege, wealth, pedigree or conquest would all come crashing down if people bought into Jesus' message wholesale.  If he leveled the field, those on the mountain would have to come down.  They could not let that happen.

And have things substantially changed in the last 2000 years?

My sermon for this Good Friday was based on the Passion Narrative according to John.

To download the podcast, click here.

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