Sunday, May 26, 2013

Three for's that's a good deal

The concept of the Trinity is one of the most enduring (and controversial) mysteries of the Christian faith.

It has been accused of being non-scriptural.  This, at least in a sense, is true.  Jesus never commanded anyone to believe in the Trinity, however he does several times explicitly mention a third manifestation of divinity that would be present after he departed this earth.  Today's Gospel passage (John 15:26-16:15) is one such example.

In reality, the Trinity is a doctrine which was essentially extrapolated from somewhat oblique Scripture references combined with the experience of Pentecost and later experiences of the divine that believers had.

How can God be one and three all at the same time?  How can God be unified but divided?  Are Trinitarians essentially polytheistic?  God and Jesus are comparatively easy to grasp as concepts, but what are we to make of this "Holy Spirit"?  Who or what is it?  How does it operate?  Why does it exist?

These are some of the questions I address in my sermon for this Trinity Sunday.

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